Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities at Mint Condition Tattoo & Body Piercing  is looking for two experienced tattoo artist to fill two spots at our friendly and busy shop! We are customer oriented main stream shop that does custom, freehand designs as well as customer drawn and flash art work. Portfolio and shop experience required.

Tattoo  Artist Responsibility

Tattoo designers consult with the client about the designs they are interested in receiving. The process can vary in time, taking five minutes, several hours, or over a number of days. The tattoo artist needs to meet with their client to discuss the shape, design, colors and placement of the tattoo(s). Sometimes they will make several sketches of a custom-made design their client has dreamed of.

Creating a real-life image from the client’s description and pictures can prove to be difficult. It is essential that the artist has the ability to listen to the client and ask questions to ensure the client receives the exact artwork they specified, and the highest quality tattoo possible.

Hygiene is vital, as contaminated tattooing equipment can spread infection and disease. Tattoo artists must be registered by the local environmental health department, and will be required to abide by state laws that include equipment being kept in a sterilized environment. Mint Condition Tattoo follows a strict set of rules, policies and guidelines.

Because the vast majority of tattoo artist work for themselves as independent contractors, a tattoo artist must be able to deal with general business issues. This includes a good working business relationship with the studio owners, and working with clients who can be difficult. Just like any other business, a lot of new clients are created by word-of-mouth advertising. So a designer must have the ability to communicate with a variety of people.

Mint Condition tattoo carefully consider every tattoo artist. The people who work with the studio represent the studio. If an artist is rude or unethical, the studio automatically receives that reputation, therefore Mint Condition tattoo must take on the leading role for the good outcomes.

Tattoo artist vary by specialized styles, such as color and black-and-white designs, authentic tribal designs and designing tattoos in different languages. The design will dictate the shape, size and numbers of needles for each piece or section of the artwork. A tattoo is permanent because the ink is applied to the base layer of skin. If the ink is applied to the top layer of skin, the image will not last, because this layer is constantly renewing itself. The finishing responsibility of a tattoo artist is to tell the client how to properly care for the tattoo.

Mint Condition is not looking for people who want to be lazy, or who believe looks and manners do not matter. The career of a tattoo artist is a business like any other. In some sense, this business is more difficult than others, due to the reputation some people still hold against professional designers and studio. You can succeed in the tattoo industry, but you will need to be talented, self-driven, and always dedicated.

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